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Many people have limited storage options in their homes or businesses. This is where self-storage comes in handy. It’s a simple way to reduce the amount of clutter you have and it also helps to ensure your belongings are safe. It is important to make sure you choose a self-storage facility that offers personalized customer service, security cameras, and a night watchman. Self Stor of Milton-Freewater has all of that.

Self-Storage Solutions

Unit Access 24 Hours A Day 7 Days A Week.

Our personalized customer service is just a phone call away.

We have a range of size options for our storage units and also offer commercial store fronts. You’re able to pick the size that best fits your needs while staying in your desired price range.

Numerous options to choose from

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CTA BigDoor, Self-Stor, Milton Freewater, OR LittleDoor, Self-Stor, Milton Freewater, OR

5' X 10'

Compares to a small closet or dorm room. Can store a single appliances, hobby collections, and seasonal itemsor a dorm room.

10' x10'

Compares to a walk-in closet. Can store small furniture, chest of drawers, several boxes, small business inventory, yard equipment, or motorcycle.

10' x12'

Compares to a  large bedroom. Can store sporting goods, recreational items,and small furniture.

10' x14'

Compares to a master bedroom. Can store 3-4 rooms of furniture with appliances, record storage, or the contents of a 18' moving truck.

10' x21'

Compares to a  single car garage. Can store 5-6 rooms of furniture, a vehicle, or the contents of a 26' moving truck.

10' x30'

Compares to a large garage. Can store up to 7-8 rooms of furniture, or large commercial/residential storage.

10' x32'

Can store an average 5 bedroom home contents.

$15 refundable security  deposit.

All rent due on the 1st of the month.